Coconut palms symbolize the tropical coastlines of our globe. Additionally, this palm bears the famous coconut, whose buoyant and saltwater-resistant seeds allowed the broad dissemination of Cocos nucifera. In its natural habitat, a 20-meter coconut palm will yield 90 coconuts each year on average. Palm tree trunk, long leaf palm tree. Based on its tropical, humid origins, the coconut palm must also thrive in a warm and sunny climate. Southern-facing windows or greenhouse would prove to be this sun worshipper’s favorite place. Brighter and sunnier the place, the happier your coconut palm will be. An outside setting is OK in the summer as long as temperatures don’t drop below 20°C at night. It’s a cold-sensitive specimen, and frost will kill it. During the winter, it should not be below 16°C. Additionally, a loose substrate supports proper growth of your protégé. As soon as the top layer of soil dries, you can use the watering can on the palm tree again. winter watering adjusts to temperatures. A small hint: To avoid rotting, avoid using direct water while watering. Delivery height includes the pot. The pot is 19 cm tall (diameter).

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