Kurzblättrige Madagaskarpalme, 15-20 cm


In reality, Madagascar palms are succulent plants, whose appearance is stubbornly reminiscent of a palm tree. The columnar trunk is equipped with numerous, impressive spines and is considered a reliable water reservoir of the plant. In addition, Pachypodium saundersii adorns itself with a rich green coloring and presents a multitude of elongated leaves that artfully complete the decorative appearance of the Madagascar palm.

This specimen is an extremely low-maintenance houseplant that has few environmental requirements. Since it is a water-retaining plant, the Madagascar palm is only dependent on moderate watering. Thus, the substrate should dry thoroughly before the next watering. Waterlogging is not tolerated and should be prevented at all costs. This heat-loving succulent enjoys being in a full sun location and requires a bright spot throughout the year. Even during the winter, Pachypodium saundersii should not be exposed to temperatures below 15°C. Dry heating air has no effect on the plant’s well-being, so the Madagascar palm is perfectly suitable for a year-round stay in living spaces. From spring to summer, you can provide your green favorite with nutrient-rich fertilizer.

  • The delivery height is about 15 to 20 cm including the pot.
  • Delivery is in a 10.5 cm pot.
  • Delivery without decoration.

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