Yuccapalme (Riesen-Palmlilie) 3er


This sun worshipper hails from the sunny beaches of Mexico. The Yucca aloifolia Purpurea, commonly known as the gray palm lily, seems stunning. Eventually, in its natural environment, this species can grow to a height of up to three meters. the bluish-hued leaves add a particular lightness to the plant as they are somewhat overhanging The Yucca produces beautiful blooms when site circumstances are appropriate. Many, bell-shaped blooms make a graceful floral panicle, which shows out wonderfully against the greenery.

Happy yucca aloifolia is found in the brightest locations. So, position your green companion in an area with several hours of sunshine. Once the substrate has dried out, you may water your yucca. Keep it simple! Waterlogging is usually avoided. Water use declines when temperatures fall. Planted specimens can tolerate temperatures down to around -12°C. Palm lily frost-free plants may be overwintered safely at temperatures between 5 and 10°C. Plants may be utilized for wintering between 5 and 10°C. Placing the plant in a darker room is an option in this scenario.

  • 35 cm includes the pot delivery height
  • a 17 cm pot delivers (diameter).
  • No adornment is provided.

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